A participative blog: why, how?

Welcome !

Urbadaboom comes from a common desire to share about the cities that surround us, about those we live in and inspire us, those that we discover and those that we just walk around sometimes. These cities shape us, move us, and lead us to react, take up the pen (or rather the keyboard), our camera or our pencil to build an impression and share a moment.

A blog is also an opportunity to spread, among the student and alumni community, our tips, addresses and other personal projects, to allow everyone to benefit from the discoveries of others.

This participative blog is therefore open to everyone who wants to share their ideas and desires ! You will find below a little publication guide which will allow you to get started.

We are very happy to welcome you « on board » this urbadventure!

Urbanistically yours,

The Urbadaboom ! team



Easy ! Just send us an email with your article, written in the language of your choice, to the following address: blog.insitu@gmail.com. We will then take care of the English/French translations (unless you want to do it yourself, which will always be highly urbappreciated!), the layout and the final publication, with your agreement of course ! Don’t forget to add a photo or illustration to your article.

If you have an idea but are not sure that it is adapted to the blog, or if you wish to write about it with someone else, still send it our way ! We will surely find someone willing to work with you.


To get you started, here is a preview of the blog’s different categories. We are open to any contributions, so feel free and follow your desires ! 

– News: this tab shares your reactions to the news, following a short format, to help you be up to date on urban news worldwide and know what you think about it.

– Moods: the best place to have a coffee, tea or hot chocolate break! Don’t hesitate to send us your texts, drawings, comics or photos on your cities, neighborhoods, streets… A short format perfectly adapted to reactions on a reading, an exhibit, a movie, an event, or any anecdote that may have marked you. Your urban moods are made of creativity and freedom !

Reports : you want to share a deeper reflection on a subject that matters particularly to you? Travel books, city portraits, opinions, here you can hold on to your pen a little longer, refine your portfolio, or even submit a video…

Digged out: gatherings, conferences, Mooc, exhibitions… spotted by you and for you! Let’s create a participative agenda together to share any urban event you may like, in any city you would want to go!

– Projects: we are all the city of tomorrow! Therefore, we would like to know more about your projects: take advantage of this space to talk about your achievements, personal fights,  share them and maybe find other people interested by joining your adventure!


Urbadaboom also needs help to keep this blog alive and well: you can help us by participating to translations, proofreading, information and events selection, media updates, wedesign… Interested? Send us a mail at blog.insitu@gmail.com !